Latest Progress Landmark: 400

Keck hits page 400!

Keck hits page 400!

A quick update: The rewrite proceeds apace.

A King in Cobwebs is nice and coherent up to page 400 at this moment.

Over the last few days, I’ve hit new ground. As you might expect, the first sections of the book have been repeatedly polishing (as I reread and restarted during school breaks). This latest material is mostly virgin territory. The differences have been enormous.

On the positive side, the text keeps surprising its forgetful author (which has been fun). Less enjoyable have been the numerous speech-to-text phonetic fails that I’ve been repairing as I move forward. (Much of this section was written longhand and dictated). These gaffs have been a source of sporadic frustration and amusement. (Medieval fantasy gives poor Dragon Naturally Speaking fits sometimes).

Onward and upward!

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