Time of Treason in Trade Paperback

My second book is back today!

This year my publishers took the outrageous step of reissuing my first two novels: In the Eye of Heaven and In a Time of Treason. (The plan is to prepare the ground for the debut of the third novel, A King in Cobwebs, this winter).

Today, the classy new edition of In a Time of Treason hits the shelves.

I couldn’t be happier with the look of the new edition. I am a fan of the original illustrator, the late David Grove, and I was immensely pleased to see his work revitalized in the new trade paperback format.

Irene Gallo wrote a lovely remembrance of Grove on Tor.com, and she included some beautiful examples of his style.

I appreciate Grove’s ability to evoke light and motion with a few calligraphic strokes. We talked a little when he was the cover for In a Time of Treason. And I was very happy when he agreed to sell me the painting for A King in Cobwebs. (It’s here with me in the dining room as I type).

Today’s release, In a Time of Treason, is the second book in the story of Durand Col. Readers get the chance to follow poor Durand’s struggles with loyalty, guilt, romance, sorcery and a good old medieval civil war.

These reprints are an opportunity for a new readership to stumble across these stories. It will be interesting to see how readers will respond in 2018.


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