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All of Me Online: Linkkle


The summer provides an opportunity to explore.

For teachers, the summer is the time when you might find a moment to take care of all the things you’ve put off during the year: dentistry, car maintenance, medical appointments, home repair, hair cuts…

For me, the summer is also the time to think a little more about writing. In addition to actually writing a new book, I’ve been poking at my social media accounts.

This morning, for example, I discovered that my nifty “IFTTT” devices that send my Instagram nonsense to blogger and elsewhere had gone haywire. (It’s fixed again).

I was also approached by a sensible person who wondered where they could find my things online. This led me to dig up Linkkle (a very simple service that lets you put all of your links on one place), potentially acting as a quick calling card. (That’s the link I’ve slapped all over this post, by the way).

Social media has, of course, the potential to connect a writer with fans and to showcase work for professionals. (I know that my cartoons have found their way under a few noses because they are available online, and someday something might come of that).

While social media has potential to give our careers a boost, I suspect that for many of us, it’s far more likely to serve as a bit of vaguely work-related procrastination. (Let me see if I can get a few pages done today!)



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