Getting Ready for Summer

Griffin Visits What Is Clearly Labeled Ancient Egypt and Begins to Feel That Someone Is Having Him On

Determined Fantastical Creature Adorns Empty Hallway Bulletin Board

The school year is rapidly coming to a close in New York. Everyone’s ready for summer, and I’m digging back into my notes.

This July, my mission is to turn last year’s plans into honest-to-goodness pages.

Last summer, I spent a great deal of time outlining a new fantasy novel. I was, however, unable to get a real start on the text before I ran out of time. I’ve got drawings, maps, characters sketches, “mood board” type photographs of the correct locales, and these things will all need to be warmed up soon.

This summer is my chance to get a proper start. For a few weeks, my daughter will be in camp, and I’ll have several days to get rolling. I’ve had these characters running around my head for a few years now, and I’d like to let them loose (and see what happens).

(In unrelated news, my wife is trying to get me to take another shot at a kid’s book. She ran off with some notes of mine the other day. We shall see).



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