300 (Plus)

Rewrite of King of Cobwebs reaches 339th Exciting Page

Rewrite of King of Cobwebs reaches 339th Exciting Page

So, in keeping with my recent tradition of keeping you posted on the progress of my summertime 2014 rewrite of King of Cobwebs, it’s time to announce that I’ve passed 300 pages.

This weekend promises to involve considerable solo parenting, so I might find that concentrated writing time is limited over the next couple of days.

Still, I’ve got my hero and his friends back over the haunted mountains. Hideous creatures have been encountered (and gorily brawled with). We’ve just lost a second set of horses in two days. And we’re in conversation with an undead being in a confined space far above the ground.

Scary part? I had to chop out a perfectly disgusting fight sequence because, well, it didn’t fit. You know, rhythmically. You would have to ask that Vandermeer fellow to explain. Honestly. (Maybe I’ll try a poor man’s explanation in the near future).

(There’s a hideous skeleton giant who convulsively slathers itself with yellow bile on the cutting room floor!)

Yours considering explaining how the sausage is made,


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