Conventionality: Dining Room Table Edition

I’ve taken a break from scribbling at the dining room table to mention that I’m making a couple of brief virtual appearances as this year’s World Fantasy Convention. (Held in that region of cyberspace floating above Salt Lake City).

Anne Groell (my wife, working down the hallway over there), just happens to be the editor guest of honor. (It occurs to me that I may not have congratulated her. I must have, surely. In any case, it’s easy to forget the niftiness of the people that you see every day. She’s pretty nifty. Well deserved). In any case, she will be busy, of course, with panels, a kaffeeklatsch, interviews, and things — almost all of which will be held, at least partially, at this very dining room table (in addition to Salt Lake City cyberspace).

I, of course, have managed to horn in as well. They’ve got me interviewing poor Anne, and, for the last few nights, I’ve been testing her out with questions of the most ingenious cruelty. It’s possible, however, that, on the day, I might go with a gentler line of attack. (Favorite color, current velocity, longest word currently known, tell us about your niceness, etc.).

I appear in one other spot on the calendar. There’s a panel on power dynamics in fantastical worlds. It’s not a lightweight topic, and I’m intrigued to see how the conversation will evolve. It’s been very much on my mind over the last number of years.

In any case, I’ll be here in my dining room with better lighting and tidier bookcases on and off this weekend. (Maybe I’ll see some of you there!)