Writing with the Burger Clown

Your friend and mine...

For some, it can be tough to sustain the necessary focus to get real writing done. (For me, it can be tough to sustain the necessary focus to get real writing done).
Sure, life gets in the way. (Life gets in the way like an angry glyptodon in a Hyundai). But, when I find a rare moment of peace and contemplation, I find that distractions come crowding in.
Captured time, I find, is invaluable. These are the chunks of time (stuck on a bus, crammed in a basement corner) that sensible people arrange their whole lives to escape. But, for me, there is nothing quite like the concentration I can achieve when I’m stuck wedged between strangers with a note pad. (There’s no where to go — but in).
A couple of mornings a week, our school starts a little later than usual. In those small chunks of time, I buy a cup of coffee and write with the burger clown.
It’s been very useful.
(Currently writing a new transition at page 534 of Dave’s 3rd Book).

Web Comics on Suvudu

Keck Procrastination Web Cartoon

Your author defeats the powers of procrastination!

I’ve been in talks with Suvudu.com to produce a series of web comics, starring the cheerful monsters of my fevered imagination. Cartooning was a childhood dream of mine, so every cartoon I place really makes me smile.

Suvudu has asked for several to get started.

You might end up with a whole stack before the year is out!