Edits Complete


Curious Keck creatures consider Tor.

Your author considers Tor headquarters…

My third book, A King in Cobwebs, has come through a brief back-and-forth of the editing process over at Tor, and is now finding its place in the future plans of that illustrious publishing house.

Details will follow soon enough, but a cheque appeared in my mailbox this afternoon (hot on the heals of a rather alarming estimate from my local transmission shop).

In the meantime, I may have to think about a new author photo. The old one isn’t exactly an accurate representation of yours truly anymore….

5 thoughts on “Edits Complete

  1. Started re-reading your previous two books after seeing this post a few days ago, and they’re as good as I remembered from the first time 8 years ago now. I didn’t anticipate it taking so long for book three to finally come when I wrote your Wikipedia page back in the day (yes I’m the one to blame for that…), but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait! If Tor don’t publish it in 2017 someone’s getting an angry letter and a bribe!

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