Every summer, I write as hard as I can (before school snatches my time and attention away for another year). This year, I hoped to reach the end of A King in Cobwebs, but I’ve come up a little short.

The end is not far off. I’ve reached what the English teachers in the crowd will recognize as the denouement. The climax has climaxed, and all that’s left is to count the cost.

While it might seem that this last chapter or two should be the easiest bit to write, I’m finding it all curiously difficult. Loose ends have a tendency to wriggle away. A particularly good scheme is required if I’m to grab them all and tie them up in a big satisfying knot.

I’m sure any writer could tell you that there is a great danger in letting a book go cold. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that, while I’m actually working on a book, there are always problems bubbling away on the back burners somewhere. Any lengthy absence from the book turns off the heat and it takes time to get the story back on the boil.

I will have to fight to find a little corner of time every day…



4 thoughts on “Summer-y

  1. This is so good to hear! I was worried I would never learn the fate of Durand. Now I’m itching to reread the first two (for at least the third time)! And I’ll definitely be checking in for future updates. Thank you for keeping fantasy alive for me. And I hope all is well with your family and teaching.

  2. David, I have really enjoyed your books. I hope to read many more. It would be nice to finish this series next year. –

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