Progress Report

The third book in Durand’s story is slowly coming together with about twenty thousand words to go.

My work on the third book has been slowed considerably by the demands of family (a three-year-old girl has taken over my office and filled it with stuffed animals) and my day job (where I work with other people’s teenagers).

Thusfar I’ve proved hopeless at estimating a completion date. I think, however, that the book will be finished this year. As I write these words, MS Word tells me I’ve got 123, 298 words on paper. In my notebook, I’ve probably got another fifteen thousand to type up, and the end is in sight.

Thanks to those of you who wrote to wonder when (or whether) there would ever be a Book III. It helps to hear that there are real readers out there!

~Dave Keck


13 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. I am yet another fan of your books, looking forward to the third one (and, I hope, more after that). I’m glad to read that you’re making good progress in your writing. I was afraid that the sheer fatigue of teaching school had put an end to all that. But the muse is still with you!

  2. Happy news! I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of this! Your books are amazing, a breath of fresh air.

    Best wishes to you and your family, and keep the words flowing!

  3. I just finally dredged up your name from my memory (and the internets) and wanted to say I’m looking forward to the next book. Read your first book years ago and it’s always stuck in the back of my mind as a standout in fantasy fiction.

  4. I thought that same thing…but suddenly after 13 longs years Tor is publishing Joanne Bertin’s 3rd book in her Dragonlord chronicles and Bob Eggleton has done the cover….! The triology will look complete!! We definitely haven’t waited 13 years for you….hmmmm not yet anyways… 😉

  5. David,
    I just found “In the Eye of Heaven” on a library shelf. Fortunately Amazon had a copy of “In a Time of Treason,” so I was able to soldier on with your series. I am happy to hear that you are still writing the third book and that it is “close” to being complete. I have been reading SciFi/Fantasy for 54 years – I started with Heinlein and Norton and I am very happy with your books. The background is excellent (3 cheers for a grounded appreciation of the Middle Ages). I appreciate that you have chosen to write a story based on the reality of life then. I think you have done a good job with Durand: he has become a warrior through perseverance and an ability to learn and I look forward to seeing what he learns in #3. Thank you.
    Bob Shreve

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