Hemingway Rewritten: Updating the Theme

Keck Revises Gloomy Theme, Saves Day

Keck Revises Gloomy Theme, Saves Day

We’re freshening things up around here today.

While everyone else is off at ComicCon, I’m working on the next book and fooling around with the computer.

If you ever been here before, you’ll have seen a pretty bold white on black theme for quite a while. Now, the site is running with a theme called Hemingway Rewritten (which might be a little risky for a writer, fate-tempting-wise).

Summertime: Back to Work

With summer back in full force, it’s time to get to work again. As I write this post, I’m rereading the second book in Durand Col’s story and getting set to edit the big third book.

Writing with a full time job (and a school-aged child) is tricky, as you might imagine (especially when your spouse is busier than you are!)

Still, my goal for the summer is to nail down a draft and get the book out to my old cronies. (Get ready cronies!) It’s been a while.

Oh, and to keep up with the field (teaching and writing, actually), I’ve been exploring Twitter, where you can find me at @keckda posting links (and the occasional cartoon).

Ad Astra Winding Down

We had a lovely time in Toronto this weekend. Although I attended as an unbilled babysitter, I had a good laugh with Ed Greenwood and Steven Erickson in my solitary panel appearance.

(Ed Greenwood is a very cheerful lunatic.)

The volunteer crew at Ad Astra made my family and I feel very welcome, and it was fun (kinda) being home for a few days. (No prairie boy thinks of Toronto as home, exactly).

Book 3: Status Update

I thought it might be worth saying, I managed to get through an end-to-end draft of A King in Cobwebs (Dave’s Third Book).

There are a couple of seriously rocky bits in the middle where my fits-and-starts writing schedule has produced some strange incongruities, but the book has a beginning, middle and an end.

During New York’s Febuary Mid-Winter Break, I actually managed to iron out a number of big problems in the opening. It felt good.

I do wish I could afford to steal a few months to hammer it all out. Still, it’s been good to have an ending on paper.


It looks like I’ll get a chance to sit down with Steve Lundin (Steven Erikson) in Toronto at Ad Astra at the beginning of April. Steve and my wife are guests of honour out there — my wife, a writer in her own right, has been editing such luminaries as George R. R. Martin for fun and profit over at Random House since books were made of paper and the internet was still a toy of the National Science Foundation). 



A quick update: I’m working on the last few pages of King in Cobwebs as I write these words. My predictive powers have been profoundly limited these last few years, but I see considerable reworking ahead for the manuscript once the draft is complete. (Writing in fits and starts has not been good for continuity, for example). Still, if I can hammer out the ending this week, I will feel pretty good.